R&D Advisors gets a fresh look for a new phase in its development

For R&D Advisors, ‘Develop Together’ is more than a slogan but an axiom to abide by. It drives our thinking through everything we do in serving our valued clients.

More than that, it describes our activity in stimulating the UK economy. As an advisory firm helping to construct claims under the HMRC R&D Tax Credits Scheme, with every successful claim delivered, we are helping the UK’s development as an advanced, innovative economy – something that benefits us all.

This is why the phrase ‘Develop Together’ has become central to the rebranding exercise we are launching today. Consisting of a fresh logo that incorporates our guiding principle at its heart, we are pleased to announce a new phase in RDA’s development.

The twin, interlinking motifs of our new logo echo the handshake that so much of British business stems from. The colour scheme is drawn up in silver and green, representing the emphasis RDA puts on sustainability and development in all their forms, across all of our activity.

Still, the rebranding exercise is not only an asset produced by a design team, but it is also the visual reflection of a new structure being rolled out across RDA’s business.

We have come a very long way since our incorporation in 2019 and the journey we have been on, together with our clients, is gathering pace. We have undertaken an internal reorganisation, developing dedicated teams to deliver a tailored service according to the size of our clients’ claims and the quantity of R&D projects under review.

This gives us the flexibility to provide best-in-class support both for the smallest nanocap startups and the international-brand large companies who together form both ends of the spectrum in our ever-growing client base. This ability to be a flywheel for growth across all classes of British business recently achieved recognition with the Federation of Small Businesses, when we were named among the regional East of England finalists of the High Growth category of its annual FSB Awards for 2022.

In addition to the restructure, we are also investing heavily in our business. Our team is growing from strength to strength, with more than 40 staff and consultants serving our clients’ needs. Soon we will be moving to a new premises to facilitate the growth we will continue to experience alongside our clients.

“Our rebranding exercise is about reflecting the evolution of the business,” said Kevin Auchoybur, RDA’s founder and managing director. “We are implementing our growth strategy, with planned acquisitions under way, and we are expanding our business premises.

“All of this is designed to focus on delivering a better claims experience for our clients, and towards building the UK economy back up as we emerge from the pandemic and the exit from the European Union.”

But for all the change under way, one thing remains consistent: our commitment to our core beliefs. We will always remain dedicated to being the best we can be, striving to be the best there is, in creating opportunity for all of us.

Develop Together. It’s the RDA Way.

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